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Greg Gorman

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1984-present: The Studio
Founded a workshop for the design and fabrication of architectural and ecclesticial stained glass windows. Designed and fabricated dozens of windows for New England churches in various styles. Restored many old windows in NH/VT, including Tiffany and LaFarge.

1980-1983: Connick Associates, Boston
Learned glass painting, cartooning and 'coloring' (cutting). Worked in all departments as apprentice to master craftsmen. Assisted in the production of several major works in traditional design.

1978-1980: Patrick Reyntiens, Old Church Studio, Beconsfield, England
Assisted in fabrication of 50' x 60' window for chapel at Robinson College, Cambridge University, windows for the Great Dining Hall, Oxford University, and several smaller windows for various small parish churches. Attended Central School of Art, London.

1979: Durhan Studios, New York City
Assisted Albinas Elskus for 3 months in various projects, especially the restoration of the windows of the Cathedral in Brooklyn, NY. while "on loan" from Reyntiens studio.

1977-1978: Lamb Studios, Northvale, NJ
Two full years as glazier; studied glass design and glass painting with Margareta Overbeck.

1975-1976: Reyntiens School, Burleighfield House, Beconsfield, England
Attended school of glass painting and design until its untimely closing; spent 6 months with Reyntiens completing the fabrication of several important commissioned ecclesticial windows.


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