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Medieval Reproductions

The collection of panels that you see on this page comes directly from my life-long fascination with medieval stained glass and my attempts to understand its artistic power and appeal.

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The typical medieval cathedral window tended to be very big with a riot of shapes and colors, all competing for the viewer’s attention. We can all see the genius of the whole design, but may not understand the power and equal genius of the borders and medallions that are the building blocks of the whole.

I hope you enjoy these ‘reproductions’ of those borders and medallions as much as I do. Most of the designs are taken from Victorian idealized reconstructions of the medieval forms and, occasionally, my own redrawing of the originals, to make the ‘reading’ of them more enjoyable.

All the panels shown are offered with hardwood frames. Each panel is very much individually cut, painted and leaded. No two are exactly alike; for me, the joy is in the process, and I love what I do.




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